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Brainstorm: Detective Stories From the World of Neurology

From the Wellcome Prize-winning author of It’s All in Your Head

Brainstorm examines the stories of people whose symptoms are so strange even their doctor struggles to know how to solve them. A man who sees cartoon characters running across the room; a teenager who one day arrives home with inexplicably torn clothes; a girl whose world turns all Alice in Wonderland; another who transforms into a ragdoll whenever she even thinks about moving.

The brain is the most complex structure in the…


Pub Date : 2018-04-05 | Author : Suzanne O'Sullivan | Publisher : Random House

ISBN 10 : 9781473546769
ISBN 13 : 1473546761

From the Wellcome Prize-winning author of It's All in Your Head Brainstorm examines the stories of people whose symptoms are so strange even their doctor struggles to know how to s..

Is It All In Your Head

Pub Date : 2017-01-17 | Author : Suzanne O'Sullivan | Publisher : Other Press, LLC

ISBN 10 : 9781590517963
ISBN 13 : 1590517962

A neurologist's insightful and compassionate look into the misunderstood world of psychosomatic disorders, told through individual case histories It's happened to all of us: our ch..


Pub Date : 2018-02-22 | Author : Helen Thomson | Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN 10 : 9781473611764
ISBN 13 : 1473611768

IMAGINE . . . getting lost in a one-room flat; seeing auras; never forgetting a moment; a permanent orchestra in your head; turning into a tiger; life as an out-of-body experience;..

The Language Of Kindness

Pub Date : 2018-05-08 | Author : Christie Watson | Publisher : Tim Duggan Books

ISBN 10 : 9781524761653
ISBN 13 : 1524761656

A moving, lyrical, beautifully-written portrait of a nurse and the lives she has touched Christie Watson spent twenty years as a nurse, and in this intimate, poignant, and remarkab..

Brain Storms

Pub Date : 2015-09-15 | Author : Jon Palfreman | Publisher : Scientific American / Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN 10 : 9780374711856
ISBN 13 : 0374711852

A Top 10 Science Book of Fall 2015 - Publishers Weekly A star science journalist with Parkinson's reveals the inner workings of this perplexing disease Seven million people worldwi..

Brain Storm

Pub Date : 2010-09-07 | Author : Rebecca M. Jordan-Young | Publisher : Harvard University Press

ISBN 10 : 9780674057302
ISBN 13 : 0674057309

Jordan-Young has written a stunning book that demolishes most of the science associated with the dominant paradigm of the development of sex and gender identity, behavior, and orie..


Pub Date : 2017-12-01 | Author : Sunjay Parmar | Publisher : CRC Press

ISBN 10 : 9781498782074
ISBN 13 : 1498782078

This brand-new revision aid has been designed specifically to help medical students and early post-graduate doctors learn and remember pertinent information about various neurologi..

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